Episode 22

Published on:

11th Mar 2024

Recurring Sales Strategies and Customer-Oriented Approaches in HVACR with Guitze Messina

In this episode of The Manufacturers Network Podcast, host Lisa Ryan welcomes Guitze Messina, the executive director of Hardy LatAm, to discuss sales, industry trends, and the importance of understanding customer needs in the HVACR industry. The conversation explores the impact of AI on sales, the significance of sustainability practices, attracting new talent to the industry, and the emerging shift from sales as an art to a science.

*Key Points and Lessons Learned:*

- Understanding Current Customers: Guitze Messina emphasizes the importance of understanding current customers before seeking new ones. Salespeople should focus on what percentage of products customers buy and what they like buying from the competition. It's essential to ask open-ended questions without being defensive to gather valuable information.

- Implementing Sales Systems: The discussion also delves into the implementation of systems to increase sales and provide more value to customers. Follow-up and understanding if salespeople are in control or if customers are driving the sales process are vital components.

- The Impact of AI: Guitze Messina and Lisa Ryan touch on the impact of AI in the industry, highlighting its potential to analyze customer buying patterns and facilitate more personalized interactions. The use of AI in writing emails and texts to make interactions more effective and humane is also emphasized.

- Industry Trends and Sustainability: The conversation expands to historical examples of technological advancements affecting job markets and the industry's focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Guitze Messina notes the importance of attracting new talent, especially women, into the industry for diverse perspectives and strength.

- Understanding HVACR Business Aspects: Guitze Messina stresses the need for manufacturers to understand the financial aspects and challenges faced by distributors and contractors in the HVACR industry, highlighting the need for recurring sales strategies and dealer programs.

- Guitze's Book "Money Call": The episode concludes with Guitze providing a segue to discuss his book "Money Call," which focuses on sales techniques specific to the HVACR industry.

*Key Themes:*

- Customer Understanding and Sales Strategies

- AI Impact on Sales and Interactions

- Industry Trends and Sustainability

- Attracting New Talent and Diversity

- Understanding HVACR Business Aspects

*Fun Facts:*

- Guitze Messina's expertise in the HVACR industry in Latin America and his role as the executive director of Hardy LatAm.

- The shifting focus of sales from an art to a science, incorporating statistical and data-driven approaches.

- The growing adoption of best practices from the US HVACR industry in Latin America.

- Guitze Messina's book "Money Call," tailored to sales techniques specific to the HVACR industry.

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